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Natural Ways to Treat and Tighten your vagina & the True Reason for a Loose vagina plus ways to address urinary incontinence in women


One of the biggest complaints among women is that they feel their vaginas are too loose. I hear it all the time when consulting other women. It is the reason why this product is still the #1 seller in my shop. I know that the feeling of a loose vagina leaves many beautiful women with low self-esteem and unable to have the sex life they desire. (an enhanced sex life has to do way more with the mind then the fact that the vagina is a bit more loose)
There are many myths surrounding the cause of vaginal looseness that I quickly want to dispel such as: having too much sex, you were at your tightest when you were a virgin so when you start having sex you will start to lose tightness immediately, and that having a baby loosens the vagina forever. All of these, yes all of these are myths and are not true in the slightest! Phew.

It’s not the vagina that’s loose; it’s the pelvic floor muscle
It is important to know when going about looking for a natural way to fix a loose vagina that you target the correct area. The pelvic floor muscle is what surrounds both the vagina and vaginal wall muscle. When the pelvic floor muscle is tight everything else will be nicely held and supported in place. The reason the vaginal wall muscle becomes loose is because it sort of looks and acts like a folded, very elastic and stretchy accordion.  So when the pelvic floor muscle stretches, the vaginal wall muscle can’t help itself and will unfold more and more with it to.
The 3 Main Reasons for a Loose Vagina
 #1 Natural Aging process (because of wonderful gravity kicking in)
#2 Vagina loosens after multiple births (e.g. four babies over four years, and not having a break in between to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle after each one.)
#3 There are rare cases where vaginal looseness happens due to severe medical conditions

 Natural ways to tighten the Vagina
Never fear ladies there are many natural solutions for you to try & tighten your little lady. Trust in nature & the strength of your body.

#1 Have an Orgasm – the fun part about toning your pelvic floor muscles
When you have an orgasm – that is actually your pelvic floor muscle contracting. So the more you orgasm the more you start toning up your pelvic floor muscle. As your pelvic floor muscle becomes stronger, so will your orgasms – BONUS!

#2 Kegel Exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises
Kegel exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises because they specifically target this area and prevent weakness in the pelvic floor area. The pelvic floor is often referred to as a “hammock” of muscles that hold all of the pelvic organs in place. Kegel exercises are a great place to start treating vaginal looseness, especially if you are struggling to reach climax temporarily. Plus, they can be done in the privacy of your own home, when no one is around, so no one has to know you are doing them. Kegel exercises can only help though if they are done on a regular basis.

#3 Insert Ben-wa Balls (Geisha Balls)
Sometimes Kegel exercises are not enough to tighten the vaginal muscle, so if this is the case for you, then try inserting Ben-wa balls also, to try get a deeper strengthening of muscles in your vagina. Ben-wa balls are weighted, therefore once inserted, you have to really engage the muscles down there to keep them in!
Of all the muscles you want to tone for summer, the pelvic floor — otherwise known as your vagina muscles — is probably dead last. But Kegel weights, which do for your pelvic floor what crunches do for your abs, have myriad benefits: They help with urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse, and supposedly make you some sort of lady sex wizard and also give you great orgasms! So if you want to be better at sexing and don't like peeing on yourself and you are tired of changing your pants every time you sneeze or cough, then Kegel weights are for you!

#4 Eve’s Intimate Secrets – I love this Magic Stick
This magic stick is the sh***. It is the reason I started promoting a natural way of healing & beautifying the lady parts. :Eve Intimate Secrets helps you regain a tight vagina which is more pleasurable for both you and your man during sex, it’s more visually pleasing, and it can make you feel more youthful and therefore more confident. Don’t be surprised if you become super tight after the first week of using it, as some users report to have found!       
 Just as we care for the skin of our faces. As we exercise our legs and our arms. We eat foods that will nourish our bodies. So must we care for our intimate areas.
 Originally developed to tighten and cleanse the vagina, Eve's Intimate Secrets is been applied and appreciated by women in Asia for ages. In this manner they treat their sexual organs with utmost care and dedication to rejuvenate and maintain their youthful beauty and sexuality.

Due to the unique composition, its processing and the synergetic interaction of selected herbal ingredients and minerals, Eve’s Intimate Secrets tightens the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner.

The biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina sensitizes, cleanses and regenerates the vagina as well as having a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of its secretion. By shedding off the dead skin cells of the superficial layers of the vagina’s epithelial skin, Eve’s Intimate Secrets regenerates and balances the vaginal micro-flora while sustaining the humidity level and substance balance of the vagina.

Eve’s Intimate Secrets’ active ingredients’ antifungal and antibacterial properties effectively counteract conditions that arise as a result of a state of imbalance of the flora, such as fungal infections (Vaginal Candidiasis), vaginal dryness, itching/inflammation of the vagina (Vaginitis), unpleasant odour/ smell (Vaginosis) or vagina discharge (Leucorrhoea).

Remarkably Eve’s Intimate Secrets also has a regenerating and recreational effect on the body’s skin. External use is recommended for the treatment of epidermal reactions such as impurities (e.g. pimples), acne, eczema, allergic skin reactions, fungal infections, small cuts and wounds, inflammation of the skin, effusion of blood, insect bites, dermatitis, stretch marks and scars. Yes! You can use it on ANY skin!

In our culture, not much mention is given to taking care of ourselves in this way. After using this product, I wish there was an effective way to scream from the mountain tops that every woman in Nigeria and in the world should try this product!

When I agreed to use this product myself, I researched the ingredients first. All natural is important to me - especially if I'm using it in a highly absorb-able membrane area as is the vagina.

Eve’s Intimate Secrets is a unique tool that tightens and supports the healing process of the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body's own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner. It is a secret recipe that has been used since ancient times to help, heal and work wonders for women all around the world.
200 women between 19-55 years used Eve’s Intimate Secrets twice a week over 2 months. These are the amazing results:
99% remarkable tightening of the vagina after the first application
99% enhanced hygiene in the intimate area after first application
99% internal cleansing- and regeneration process in the vagina
78% increased humidity level during intercourse
68% reduced discharge
62% increased libido and intensified sensation during sex
56% clearer consistency and improved taste of the vagina’s secretion
43% decreased menstrual discomfort and irregularities
40 women between 19-55 years with vaginal infections applied Eve’s Intimate Secrets twice daily over 6 days, thereafter twice a week over 18 months. These are the amazing results:
95% successful treatment of vaginal infections
86% since the successful treatment of the infection no further vaginal infections occurred

How Eve’s Intimate Secrets Works?
 Its refreshing effects aid in shedding off the dead cells of the vaginal skin and help to regenerate and balance the micro flora of the vagina. In its exfoliating, cleansing and regenerating process Eve’s Intimate Secrets sustains the substance balance and humidity level of the vagina.

  • it tightens and purifies the intimate area and its flora leaving a youthful feeling
  • exfoliates the vaginal callus, sanitizes, cleanses and regenerates the intimate area
  • it has a positive effect in aroma and consistency of the vaginal secretion

Why :Eve Intimate Secrets is good for every woman
The lifestyles these days don’t always make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress, unhealthy food, pollution etc. can cause the intimate area to be out of balance. What most women don't know: An intimate area which is out of balance can cause the whole body-mind-spirit to be out of balance.
According to ancient Asian wisdom a woman’s temple is located in her centre. From there she reigns and rules, from there she stimulates her entire organism and her environment. This is the source of her energy. Here she creates. This place is holy. Here she lights the spark life.
Eve’s Intimate Secrets help you bring back the balance in your intimate area and with this brings back a balance in your whole life. You will notice intangible effects strongly.
Eve’s Intimate Secrets might not seem the cheapest solution, but believe me, it's worth every penny.

What makes Eve’s Intimate Secrets so powerful?
Eve’s Intimate Secrets supports the vaginas own healing potential and rejuvenates it with its natural ingredients of Pomegranate, Drip Stones and Kaolin. Each of the ingredients of Eve’s Intimate Secrets has beneficial properties to rejuvenate your sexual desire and contain anti-inflammatory properties. These gifts of nature have the potentiality to make your vagina clean, fresh and visually appealing to your man. It thus aids to smooth, clean, and tighten the skin of your vagina with its antiseptic, deodorizing and healing properties.

Of course, feeling youthful will make you confident enough to bind your love within you! Let him enjoy your flora to its utmost and wet your vagina with sensuality.
Women who are feeling a loose vagina can regain the tightness to enjoy sex at its most by using Eve’s Intimate Secrets. Be it the 19 years young beauty, the 30 years of mature woman or the middle aged 50s -I am sure that Eve’s Intimate Secrets is a gift for all.
The fantastic formula of Eve’s Intimate Secrets to clean and deodorize helps women to gain control over their insecurities of their intimate area.
Eve’s Intimate Secrets is made of effective and highly-valued natural ingredients and is totally free of chemical. Its extensive effects increase the overall wellbeing of women and improves libido. Thus, it boosts the erotic radiance and attractiveness.
If you want to renew yourself start at the centre – start from within, that’s when you will start to blossom. Too many women are too detached from their vagina, they distribute it all over the place…only the price varies!..for free…. for sale….or without any reason at all, but hardly for love….only a few come to the conclusion that it’s priceless!!! It’s the most precious gift God gave us – it’s what makes us different: a woman. It gives access to the divine place of creation, which controls the cycles just as the universe, controls our hormones that influence our mood. Be conscious and protective of your divine garden of creation. Keep it pure and fertile, for you to blossom from within-it’s a mystery and a miracle. Let your energies rise from deep within!! May Eve’s Intimate Secret give many women access to their inner garden!!

#5 Exercise, Sweat, Exercise, Sweat
Do explore other forms of exercise too, like yoga and pilates, as these all incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscle and strengthening your core muscles which together will help keep your pelvic floor muscles tighter for longer.
#6 A Healthy Diet – Fruits, Vegetables, Juices, Smoothies
To keep the muscles in your body strong, you don’t just need exercise, you also need to feed the muscle correctly daily to ensure its correct growth and repair. So, ensure you get a healthy diet full of wholegrain organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein (excellent muscle builder), and organic fruits and vegetables if you wish to keep your vaginal muscle healthy and strong.
To all the wonderful women out there who currently have vaginal looseness, don’t fret, there is so much you can do about it starting today. Try my suggestions above right away, and you could start feeling the benefits of a tighter vagina, and raised confidence levels sooner than you think! You have the power to do anything after all…

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