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13 Ways to stop Vaginal Itching Immediately

Most women will suffer from vaginal itching at some point in their lives. But as every woman who has had this knows, even the most acute cases can be enough to drive you crazy from having the constant urge to itch!
In the moment the constant itching strikes, you need a natural solution that will just ease it immediately until you have a chance to get to root cause of what caused it in the first place. So no need to let vaginal itching ruin your day because trying one or more of the following list should help you feel better in no time.
Please be reassured though, that having vaginal itching does not in any way mean you are dirty or have poor hygiene. Infact, over washing the area can be one of the many causes behind vaginal itching. So, even if at the time you feel helpless, don’t fret – there is a natural solution out there for you, and you can take control of it and get through it.
Stop Panicking – The first and most vital thing to do when trying to get rid of an itchy vagina is to take a deep breath, and try to relax. As stress can make having a vaginal itch worse, or cause recurring vaginal itching.  Plus, it can increase the chances of developing an infection.
Cold Water – Rinse the vaginal area with cold water, as this should reduce the heat to the area that can cause the itch. Try showering the vaginal area in a downward position, never directly into the vagina itself.
Wash Away Perfumed Powders or Scented Soaps – If you have washed recently with soaps or any substance containing a perfume like talc, I would strongly suggest rinsing the area gently, with just plain water. As the residues of the soap or perfume could be causing you to itch in the first place. This is especially common if you have just changed soap brands. I personally suggest not using any soap on the area whatsoever, just rinsing once a day with plain, clean water is enough to keep every vagina healthy!
Remove Tight Clothes – Take off your pants and lingerie to air the vagina out. By not letting the vaginal area get enough oxygen and ‘breathe’ if you like, can cause negative bacteria to grow and will be enough to cause an itch
Apple Cider Vinegar Baths – Once a day, immerse your vagina in a shallow water bath (usually referred to as a ‘sitz’ bath) with ½ cup of organic, raw apple cider vinegar. Keep your legs spread wide apart at all times during the sitz bath, so the water can flow freely around your vaginal region. If you do not have a bath, then try using a bath intended for a baby. Apple cider baths have had great results for many women, and experts believe it is due to apple cider being able to inhibit the growth of yeast by killing them with its strong acidic pH level.
Stop Itching – I know this one sounds hard, but in reality, the truth is that the more you itch the scratch – the more the scratch will itch! So you end up in a constant itching battle with yourself. Take a deep breath, relax and try telling yourself ‘I do NOT need to itch’ whilst doing something to take your mind off i
Sleep without Underwear – So your vagina is again exposed to the healthy clean air and will be less likely to sweat in the night. Going forward, you may also want to wear loose fitting clothing in the day time. Try to avoid the following fabrics: Lycra/Spandex, polyester, lace, thongs, tights or anything else that causes your vagina to become hot and itchy. Until you have got your vaginal itch under control it is best to wear organic cotton lingerie (or no lingerie at all) and over the top of this cotton skirts, shorts or trousers.
Apply Ice – Take an ice pack, and cover it in a clean cloth and lay on the lips of your vagina for approximately one hour. You could also try immersing the clean cloth in witch hazel as this could help soothe the itching more quickly.
Apply Plain Organic Yogurt – When applying the yoghurt, apply it to the external genitalia only. The yoghurt cultures help relieve the itch due to the probiotic strains found within, and if it has been kept in the fridge will help soothe the area too
Avoid Having Sex – If you engage in sexual intercourse, and say a yeast infection is causing this particular itch, it can make you itch even more. Ideally, wait for a few days until symptoms calm down.
Drink Plenty of Clean, Purified Water – By ensuring you drink a lot of water, this can help to flush a yeast infection out of your system quicker. Ensure you do not drink more than 2 500ml glasses of water in an hour, as your body can only cope with this amount of water at once.
Avoid Sugar – If the cause of your chronic itching, or reoccurring itching is due to a yeast infection (thrush), then avoiding sugar in your diet will be a step in the right direction to helping to reducing the levels of yeast present. As yeast, specifically Candida Albicans, thrives on sugar. Some people have to avoid fruit sugar also and adhere to a strict Anti-Candida diet for several months, but this is only in extreme cases.
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The techniques we have spoken about today are aimed at helping to give you immediate relief naturally, but what you ideally want is to prevent it coming back altogether so you won’t have to suffer again! Once your vaginal itching has stopped with one of the above techniques, check out our previous article on the causes of vagina itching

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